The Drink Drive Line is a resource provided by Murcotts Drink Driver Education Programs (Vic) - DHS Accreditation Number: 92/013

Tel: 1300 555 576

Fax: (03) 9563 6312


Driver Education Programs (Vic) was one of the first agencies to be established and has been in existence for over 20 years.

Driver Education Programs (Vic) was acquired by Murcotts Driving Excellence Pty Ltd in 2006 in recognition of drink driving as a significant risk factor in road safety.

This website provides you with the information and procedures to assist in driver licence restoration.


Services provided by the Drink Drive Line include:
* Advice and information on the procedure you need to follow in order to be
 · Advice on arranging court details
 · Drink Drive Assessments for those people who need this and advice on who
 · Drink Drive Education Program. The required Course as approved by the·
    Department of Human Services, as well as Assessments, are provided at many
    metropolitan and country locations
·  Reports for Time Reduction
·  Referral to other agencies where necessary
·  Assessments for the purpose of court hearings (ie: before you lose your licence).
    These reports may assist in court (check with your solicitor).

The procedure for getting a licence back after a Drink Drive offence can be
very involved. Making mistakes can be costly in terms of both time and money.
Be sure you avoid mistakes by being clear on exactly what you need to do. The
Drink Drive Line will steer you in the right direction. There is no charge for

In addition to the above Driver Education Programs (Vic) offers Drink Drive
Programs and personal assessments for people before they go to court for a
Drink Drive offence. The advice of many legal representatives suggest that this
assists you in court and can be arranged at you convenience.
(You should always check with your legal representative first however).

We also offer counselling for alcohol and other drug related problems and
consultancy in the area of alcohol and drink drive education (eg; in schools or
in the workplace).

Services are offered on a regular basis at locations throughout the metropolitan
area and at regional centres. Where we are not able to provide these in your
locality we will refer you to the nearest available agency.

To arrange your drink driver education course or assessment, contact Murcotts Drink Driver Education Program Coordinator:
(T) 1300 555 576
(03) 9563 6312

(Click on Who needs to do assessments to do this)

Disclaimer of Liability
The information on this web site is provided as a general source of information about Drink Drive matters including relicensing procedures but is specifically provided as guidance for those people who have lost their licences for a drink driving offence and wish to be relicensed according to the requirements of the relevant sections of the Victorian Road Safety Act and its amendments. It should not be relied upon as the only source of information or as a substitute for detailed consideration of the legislation. Users of this information are advised to seek and rely upon their own advice or that of their solicitor and to check details with the Courts or Vicroads.

The information is given on the basis that those concerned in providing this information are not engaged in the provision of legal or other professional services and they claim no liability arising
from its use.
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