There are many reasons why people drink and drive. Sometimes people can miscalculate what their B.A.C (Blood Alcohol Concentration) might be.More often however, people 'take the risk' of driving while either over zero BAC (P/platers) or over .05% BAC. They think they will not only get
home and without being stopped by the police but will get home safely


Many people are stopped by police for driving unsafely, while others are stopped and tested at Booze Buses. A large number of people are also charged after being involved in an accident and a blood sample taken and tested when they arrive in hospital.
There are a number of different drink driving offences. The major ones include:
· Driving while in charge of a motor vehicle while exceeding the prescribed alcohol
   limit [over .05% (BAC) or over Zero BAC (eg; for P Platers)].

· DUI. This offence, Driving Under The Influence, may relate to alcohol but it is
  also  used to charge people who may be under the influence of other drugs.
  There will be new laws regarding other drugs of
"Impaired Driving" coming into
  force  very soon. (We will add information about this when the law comes into force).
· Failing to stop at a breath testing station, or attempting to avoid being
   breathtested. Some people, for example, turn off into a side street when they
   see a
"booze bus" but are later stopped by police. Penalties are severe.

· Refusing the Breath Test. Now and then people refuse to be breathtested.
   Generally the maximum penalty applies to such people.
CLICK HERE to find out more about offences and relicensing requirements or, for more detailed information, contact your nearest Vicroads
Drivers charged with a Drink Driving offence are generally required, if they wish to
be relicensed, to undertake a Drink Driver Education Program.This consists of both a Drink Driver Education Course and Assessment interviews.
Depending on the number of offences you have had and/or your Blood Alcohol Concentration, you may be required to just do a Course or you may also have to undertake the two Assessment interviews.
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